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Request/ Question!!???

Hello. I'm a rabid Shinhwa fan and i would like to ask a request. i'm not sure if this is the place to ask this but DOES ANYONE HAVE THE SONG HEY COME ON by SHINHWA in ENGLISH in a music file. I have been trying everywhere to find it. I have the korean version and its really good and I heard the english version on the making of the PV of Hey Come On. So i'm asking around if anyone has Hey Come On (English Version) on like MEGA UPLOAD or SENDIT file. Cause I have been looking every where.

Hope someone can help me. Thank you.
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I have it on cd- and I know a friend who has it. So I might be able to up it for you~ maybe tomorrow? Someone else might answer this by then though, so fear not :D

We are all rabbid Shinhwa fans lol
oh thank you soo much!i'd be soo greatful. ^.^
could you plzz! as soon as you can put [hey come on english] onto to a mega upload or sendit file. plzz. i really want to get that song. thank you.